About Halcyon Fund

Our deep experience in executing digital transformations provides untapped growth opportunities for mid-sized companies, allowing them to strategically accelerate their impact.

Plan, Brand & Ideate

Implement & Repeat

Invest & Grow


Based on our own expertise, we devise strategies aimed at accelerating business growth toward maximum profit.

  • ​Strategy direction 

  • Deep research & goal identification 

  • Mobile commerce strategy

Our approach to design and perform development encompasses creative angles to align to your branding while also meeting the needs of your identified audiences

  • ​​Brand design 

  • Creative direction 

  • Digital presentations

Design & Content

We leverage holistic research and analysis to market toward your identified target audiences at key points in their customer journey.

  • ​​Customer acquisition, development & retention 

  • Marketing experiences

Digital Marketing

Our in-house digital expertise encompasses a wide range of cutting edge deep technology that enables us to identify issues and solutions that successfully drive your digital transformation.

  • Platform development & integration

  • Mobile apps & Web development