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Halcyon Fund is a venture capital incubator fund for software startups. Halcyon Venture Capital Fund is a New York based corporation that will invest in startups throughout the United States.

Product & Services
The Halcyon Venture Capital Fund specialises in investing in private companies that show great promise in regards to revenue growth. Depending on what stage a company is in, Halcyon will offer two programs. One of them is 'Build NOW' and the other one is 'Build Angel'.
Build Now
Provides $25k in cash and builds the company's MVP for 5% equity. Halcyon Venture Capital Fund expects a level of commitment from founders, with a co-investment and a full-time work on proven distribution.
Build Angel
Provides $25k in cash and $100k in development into priced Seed.
The Financing
Halcyon Venture Capital Fund is seeking to raise $2 million from a number of investors via a private placement offering. Which will be used to make investments for third party companies. Halcyon will use a  limited number of partnerships in order to effectively make investments for subsidiary businesses that hold a significant amount of promise.
Mission Statement
The Halcyon Venture Capital Fund's  mission is to provide future potential investors to access the fast growing companies. They will provide a substantial capital appreciation over a three to five year period, once the Venture Capital Firm divests its interest in the businesses that invests.
Target Market
The Halcyon Venture Capital Fund will focus on small and medium, scale businesses, accredited investors, start–ups, investment clubs, top corporate executives, and corporate organisations.

Halcyon Venture Studio 

Venture builders work alongside existing companies, iterate their ideas, and assign internal teams to develop them (e.g., engineers, advisors, business developers, etc.). Venture studios often see an idea from the early stages and develop it into a successful company. Additionally, venture studios commonly develop multiple projects in parallel and then select the most promising ones to continue to work with. Once focused on the most promising model, the studio then applies similar internal solutions to other companies with the same model.